Rand Fishkin on Igniting SparkToro, Lost and Founder

Reading Time: 1 Minute Industry

The Heart of Business podcast has allowed us to connect with titans in their industry over the years. We first hosted Rand Fishkin on the podcast to talk all things SEO more than five years ago.

When an expert of his level breaks off to start something new, we had to hear about it. We got a chance to hear all about SparkToro, which is a search engine for audience intelligence.

Rand also gave us the scoop on his new book, Lost and Founder. In it, he shares the professional and life experience he’s gained throughout the years.

I think the bias toward, ‘you know…hey…there’s only one way to be successful’ is kind of [BS]. So this time around I am intentionally avoiding that.

Hearing about the lessons he worked into the book and his process for writing it sparked an awesome conversation about creating content.

I’ll stop telling you about it and let you listen to it. Check it out:

  • 1:28 – What is SparkToro?
  • 4:11 – On life after Moz
  • 7:43 – There’s not just one way to succeed
  • 11:39 – Understanding your audience
  • 20:06 – How transparency can make you the king of content
  • 30:58 – His new book: Lost and Founder


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