Introducing the Clues for the Clueless CRM Marketer Podcast (and Transcript)

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When the idea of Benchmark CRM became a reality, it occurred to me that I’d have to create content for a tool I didn’t totally understand.

Simply put, I felt more than a little bit clueless.

As we’ve begun to talk to customers and businesses who are considering implementing a CRM for the first time or to those who have been doing all their customer relationship management via spreadsheets, it became clear that I was not alone.

Luckily, my office is steps away from our CRM Product Development Director, Paul Rijnders. He was always more than willing to explain something about CRM to me in a way that I could understand. He seemed to have a knack for breaking down the jargon-y barriers that would ordinarily keep someone from totally grasping a concept.

That’s why he’s the perfect co-host for our new podcast Clues for the Clueless CRM Marketer.

It’s a daily podcast to teach you something new about CRM with each episode.

We understand that you’re busy. Most business owners are spinning plates these days, needing to manage as many tasks and responsibilities as possible.

Each episode of this podcast will be ten minutes or less (give or take an episode now and then).

Let us be the soundtrack to your next coffee break or your next podcast binge on a road trip.

You can find these daily mini-episodes every weekday on iTunes, Spotify and Soundcloud. We’ll also be posting a digest of the week’s episodes every Friday.

In this first episode, we introduce the podcast and begin discussing what CRM is and what you can do with it.

Feel like you’re also a bit clueless when it comes to email marketing or that you could stand to learn a little more?

We’re also launching Clues for the Clueless Email Marketer. Here’s our first episode of that as well:

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