Integrating Benchmark Email with Benchmark CRM

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If you already have a Benchmark Email account, you can sign up for a Benchmark CRM Free Trial account on a dedicated link. The advantages are:

  • You can quickly create a CRM account with your existing login and password
  • Your Benchmark Email account will automatically be integrated with your CRM account
    • this enables you to push CRM contacts or leads to create new Benchmark Email lists
    • you’ll be able to view opens and clicks for email newsletters while in the CRM, right on your contact or lead’s record page

If you’ve signed up for Benchmark Email and CRM account separately, fear not. You can still integrate them in to easy steps:

Integrating your Benchmark Email account with CRM

Step 1- Retrieve your API key from Benchmark Email

Step 2- Paste your API key into your Benchmark CRM user settings page

Pushing contacts or leads from CRM to Benchmark Email

Once integrated, start making new email marketing lists from your CRM contacts or leads without having to leave the CRM.

How to push lists from CRM to your integrated Benchmark Email account

Where do your pushed CRM Views appear in Benchmark Email?

Please remember that Benchmark Email has a list approval process, so the list could appear instantly, or take a few minutes depending on the list size.

Viewing Benchmark Email Marketing Opens & Clicks within the CRM

Lead and Contact record pages have dedicated Email Marketing tabs. Click on them to see up to 6 months of Benchmark Email data for the integrated Benchmark Email account.

Integration with Benchmark Email Marketing is included in your CRM  30 day free trial plan. For information on our CRM subscriptions, please see our CRM pricing page.

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