How to get your data into the CRM 1: Manually

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Benchmark CRM is all about creating and working with your customer and prospect information. To do that effectively, you’ll want to create or import contact, lead and organization records.

You can create records manually – either by quick create or a dedicated create record page – or you can mass import records via CSV.

Method 1: Import Records

You can use the import records page to import large groups of records into your CRM software. All you need is a CSV, XLS or XLSX file with your record data as rows and the field names as columns.

Here’s an FAQ, or just watch the video here:

Method 2: Use the Quick Create Pop-up

Use the Quick Create buttons to create records with just a few fields in a popup.

Click, pop, type, enter, done. And you never have to leave the page you’re on.

Here’s an FAQ, or just watch the video here:

Method 3: Use the Create Record page

When you need to fill in a lot of data on a new contact, lead, opportunity, etc, you’ll want to get to the dedicated create record page.

There are a few ways to get to the same page:

Use the Create button while on the contacts/leads/organizations/activities/support tickets/projects dashboard

Or use the right navigation shortcuts while on any page

I think it’s clear to see you have options. Use import when you need to create lots of records at once. Use the quick create button to get down a record without having to leave your page. Use the Create Record button to get down all the details for a single record.



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