Series Posts: CRM 101

  • What is the Difference Between CRM And Email Marketing?

    What is the Difference Between CRM And Email Marketing?

    CRM 101 • October 4, 2018

    You’re looking to generate leads, manage your customers and automate your marketing. Which tool do you use? A CRM or an email marketing software? Both tools can help you achieve the above things. But still, they are vastly different pieces of software. If you aren’t familiar with either, choosing one for your business can become…

  • Clues for the Clueless CRM Marketer

    8/3/18: Weekly Clues for the Clueless CRM Marketer Digest

    CRM 101 • August 3, 2018

    We officially made it through our first week of the Clues for the Clueless CRM Marketer podcast! Thanks to all of you who have tuned in. We kick things off by discussing what CRM is, who is using CRM and the various way they are using it. We stay mostly on topic and have a…

  • Clues for the Clueless CRM Marketer

    Introducing Clues for the Clueless CRM Marketer

    CRM 101 • July 30, 2018

    When the idea of Benchmark CRM became a reality, it occurred to me that I’d have to create content for a tool I didn’t totally understand. Simply put, I felt more than a little bit clueless. As we’ve begun to talk to customers and businesses who are considering implementing a CRM for the first time…

  • Infographic: Why Adopt CRM

    CRM 101 • July 23, 2018

    There are many advantages to using a CRM. CRM is the best solution to manage the contacts in your list. It’s also the most efficient way to track the interactions with your customers and leads to foster stronger relationships. The numbers in favor of using a CRM are getting harder and harder to ignore. In…

  • How To Eliminate Old CRM Data That Will Put You In Danger

    How To Eliminate Old CRM Data That Will Put You In Danger

    CRM 101 • June 4, 2018

    Maintaining relationships with your customers is an essential part of your business. That is why you chose a CRM to log crucial data and learn more about your customer’s needs. CRM’s can be very powerful tools to help you gain the upper hand with your marketing efforts, and lead to more sales. But, what happens…

  • How Email Works in the Benchmark CRM

    CRM 101 • November 14, 2017

    We take pride that Benchmark CRM is unique to other CRMs in that you can create, receive replies and reply to replies while logged in online. You can even read replies in your personal inbox and reply to replies from there too. The conversation tracks back to the CRM so you or other CRM users…

  • What are the record types in the CRM?

    CRM 101 • November 14, 2017

    The CRM is comprised of modules like contacts, leads and organizations A module is basically a type of record. Each record is made up of many fields that hold the information that’s important to the type of module. Here are the main record types within the Benchmark’s online CRM software: Leads Leads are people that you may or…

  • How to get your data into the CRM 1: Manually

    CRM 101 • November 14, 2017

    Benchmark CRM is all about creating and working with your customer and prospect information. To do that effectively, you’ll want to create or import contact, lead and organization records. You can create records manually – either by quick create or a dedicated create record page – or you can mass import records via CSV. Method…

  • Integrating Benchmark Email with Benchmark CRM

    CRM 101 • November 13, 2017

    If you already have a Benchmark Email account, you can sign up for a Benchmark CRM Free Trial account on a dedicated link. The advantages are: You can quickly create a CRM account with your existing login and password Your Benchmark Email account will automatically be integrated with your CRM account this enables you to…

  • You know you need a CRM when you’re confusing list management with customer relationship management

    CRM 101 • November 13, 2017

    Many Benchmark Email customers take full use of the list management features in Benchmark Email. That’s terrific. If you really want to manage your customer relationships, please don’t mistake the powers of Benchmark Email’s list management tools for what the Benchmark CRM software solution can give you: customer relationship management. List Management Building lists for…