8/3/18: Weekly Clues for the Clueless CRM Marketer Digest

Reading Time: 2 Minutes CRM 101

We officially made it through our first week of the Clues for the Clueless CRM Marketer podcast!

Thanks to all of you who have tuned in.

We kick things off by discussing what CRM is, who is using CRM and the various way they are using it. We stay mostly on topic and have a few productive tangents thrown in.


Introducing Clues for the Clueless CRM Marketer

Welcome to Clues for the Clueless CRM Marketer! Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a must for a business of any size. There’s also no one right way to do CRM.

In this podcast, we’re here for the Clueless CRM Marketer, which all of us were at one point (or still are). With each daily mini-episode (minisode), we’ll aim to clue you in a bit more on CRM.


What is CRM?

In the first episode of Clues for the Clueless CRM Marketer, we introduced the podcast and then went on a long tangent that confirmed what all of us here at Benchmark already knew: Paul can talk. Since we never even got to the first talking point in our outline last episode, we resume our conversation on “What is CRM?”

CRM Interactions and Touchpoints

We discuss who in your company can and should be using CRM and the touchpoints with your customers and prospects where they might be interacting with your CRM or you may be collecting data for it. These two points are important for gaining an understanding of how CRM plays into your workflows.

The Sales Side of CRM

In this episode, we discuss the sales aspect of CRM. We cover tracking opportunities and the way it’s done with CRM.

The Customer Support Side of CRM

CRM can be a lot of things for a lot of people in your company. This episode focuses on the customer support side of things. Because after all, an important part of fostering strong relationships with your customers is making sure that you’re solving any issues that may arise.

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