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  • Localization and CRM: An Ultimate Guide to Increase Your Global Reach and Sales

    Localization and CRM: An Ultimate Guide to Increase Your Global Reach and Sales

    CRM 101 • October 24, 2018

    E-commerce businesses have long since understood the critical nature of CRM (Customer Relationship Management). In fact, they now see that function as beginning with the first contact with a customer and continuing far after the sale, with follow-up help/support and requests for feedback. Who of us has not had to return an item, contact customer…

  • What is the Difference Between CRM And Email Marketing?

    What is the Difference Between CRM And Email Marketing?

    CRM 101 • October 4, 2018

    You’re looking to generate leads, manage your customers and automate your marketing. Which tool do you use? A CRM or an email marketing software? Both tools can help you achieve the above things. But still, they are vastly different pieces of software. If you aren’t familiar with either, choosing one for your business can become…

  • See Our CRM Articles From Across the Web

    See Our CRM Articles From Across the Web

    Industry • August 21, 2018

    We’ve been busy the past few weeks, looking for opportunities to share our wealth of knowledge on CRM. The result was some pretty rad guest blog opportunities for our team. First, Yersing Noriega shared “Why Every Business, No Matter the Size, Should Use CRM” on Customer Think. After all, every business owner needs to manage…

  • CRM: Mass Data Transfers

    CRM: Mass Data Transfers

    Clueless CRM Marketer?! • August 10, 2018

    As we’ve said, there is a lot of data involved with a CRM. When you’re feeling clueless, that amount of data can sometimes feel overwhelming. So, in this episode, we talk about how to manage all of that. 00:21 Andy Shore: Hey, everybody, welcome back. We’re gonna finish up our conversation talking about the data…

  • CRM: Tags

    CRM: Tags

    Clueless CRM Marketer?! • August 9, 2018

    We continuing clueing you into CRM with a conversation about Tags. There’s a lot you can do to get the most out of the data you input to your CRM and Tags play a big role in that. If you want to be able to sort your data in many different ways, tags are going…

  • Benchmark CRM for Gmail

    Benchmark CRM for Gmail

    New Features • August 9, 2018

    Part of the benefit of having a CRM is the efficiency factor. It’s a tool that allows you to better manage your contacts and track interactions with ease. If your workflow is predominantly based in Gmail, wouldn’t it be more efficient to have your CRM right there as well? Yes. Yes, it would. Benchmark CRM…

  • CRM: "Chatty" Information

    CRM: “Chatty” Information

    Clueless CRM Marketer?! • August 8, 2018

    CRM allows you to give your customers a personalized touch. One of the ways you can do this is by compiling the “chatty” information you have on your customers and leads. It helps you know about their kids, their hobbies, etc. 00:22 Andy Shore: Hey, everybody, welcome back. Today, we’re going to continue our conversation…

  • CRM: Structured Data

    CRM: Structured Data

    Clueless CRM Marketer?! • August 7, 2018

    In this episode, we define structured data and talk about what it means in relation to CRM. It’s important to understand the type of data stored in your CRM, in order to know what you can accomplish with CRM. 00:19 Andy Shore: Hey, everybody welcome back to Clues for the Clueless CRM Marketer. Today, we’re…

  • CRM vs. Spreadsheets

    CRM vs. Spreadsheets

    Clueless CRM Marketer?! • August 6, 2018

      In this episode, we tell you why it’s time to get off of your spreadsheets and into a CRM. Paul breaks it down on the advantages of using a CRM over spreadsheets and why your business will benefit from it. 00:22 Andy Shore: Welcome back to another episode of Clues for the Clueless CRM…